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·  3 Septembre 2003 , Barcelona

Abertis adopts a new, executive organizational structure to consolidate growth

Abertis, the leading Spanish transportation and communication infrastructure Group, presided over by Isidre Fainé, has adopted a new executive, organizational structure for the Abertis Corporation, the Center for Shared Services, Serviabertis, and the main level of responsibility of the Business Units in all sectors: highways, parking, logistical services and telecommunications infrastructure.

The objective of the reorganization is to adapt a structure to the dynamic characteristics of the company’s activities and adjust to the new size of Abertis after last year’s operations, highlighted those of the purchase of Iberpistas, the merge with Aurea, the new logistic projects in Alava and Seville, the consolidation of the parking investments in Portugal and Italy and the purchase, currently in progress, of Retevisión Audiovisual.

These operations have a relevant impact on the magnitude of Abertis, due to the increase in the number of collaborators added to the Group - now more than 6,000 – as well as the strategic importance and operational volume that the more than 50 principal, participating companies that make up the group represent. The mother company, Abertis Infraestructuras, has a stock capitalization of close to 6,000 million Euros and is the 11th company in the Selective Index (Ibex-35) on the Spanish stock market.

The strategy needed to adapt to the growth and expansion process has followed different stages such as the adjustment of the company organization, the creation of Abertis as well as the Center for Shared Services for the whole Group, the merging of the main headquarters for distinct companies to the Corporate Social Headquarters at the Parc Logístic de Barcelona and the implementation of a new, corporate identity for the Abertis brand.

The new structure incorporates, on the main level, executives originally from Acesa Infraestructuras and Aurea, and the operator, Iberpistas. General management has been created by business sector, and in the case of highways, by territories. This structure allows a dynamic and flexible organization capable of adapting to growth.

Important note:

September 16, Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting

Remember that Abertis Infraestructuras will hold a Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting this coming September 16, second summoning,, in order to reach a shareholder approval for the traditional increase in capital, charged to reserves. ==========================================================

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