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Samedi, 28 Novembre 2015

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·  1 Février 2012 , Barcelona

abertis autopistas implements its emergency snow protocol on the AP-6, AP-61 and AP-51

The measure involves a total of 26 snowploughs, 22 of which are equipped with brine tanks, and plans for the mobilisation of up to 100 people, according to the alert level.

In view of the snow forecast by the State Meteorology Agency (AEMET), abertis autopistas, as is usual in these situations, has implemented its emergency protocol aimed at facilitating mobility and traffic safety on the AP-6, AP-51 and AP-61 toll roads.

The measure implemented by abertis autopistas to deal with the snowfalls on this toll road involves a total of 26 snowploughs and/or salt spreaders - 22 of which are equipped with brine tanks - distributed throughout the 4 winter road maintenance stations that abertis autopistas has on these roads.

6 tanks of solid de-icer have also been prepared, containing a total of 3,730 tonnes of salt, and 5 tanks of liquid de-icer, with a total of 81,000 litres of brine. The company also has four brine production centres. The measure includes the mobilisation of up to 100 people, depending on the alert level.

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