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Dimanche, 29 Novembre 2015

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·  23 Novembre 2009 , Barcelona

Clarifications by abertis telecom on the pay-DTT technology system

In view of the news items which have appeared in the media with declarations by the company Sidsa in relation to the pay-DTT technology system implemented by abertis telecom for Gol TV, the network operator wishes to clarify the following points:

  • Sidsa has not to date submitted any product to obtain the DTT Premium seal, and it is therefore not true that abertis telecom has received any amount for the certification of its products with the seal. Just last Friday, after weeks publicly stating that it had been refused approval of its CAM cards, Sidsa sent a letter to abertis telecom by email, enquiring about "the requirements for obtaining the DTT Premium seal".
  • It should be remembered that the aim of the DTT Premium seal is to guarantee both the public and the distribution (sales) network that the products in question (integrated TVs, decoders and CAMs) will work with the pay-DTT system currently only used by the Gol TV platform, and also meet the technical specifications agreed at the DTT Technical Forum so that the system is "open, horizontal and interoperable". Under no circumstances does the lack of the seal entail any restrictions on the commercialisation of products related to pay-DTT, and the application for the seal is a voluntary decision made by each equipment manufacturer. There are currently 17 decoders and 7 CAMs produced by various manufacturers available on the market, certified with the DTT Premium seal, and more than 20 manufacturers have supported this technology solution.
  • During the technical analysis phase to choose the conditional access system for the platform, the decoder and CAM manufacturers consulted stated that they were against any options which involved sole supplier solutions, as is the case of Sidsa, with a system which only works with a chip manufactured exclusively by Sidsa, therefore offering a closed technology solution.
  • The decision on the choice of the platform signal coding system (multicrypt or simulcrypt) is up to the radio station responsible for the broadcasts, and not the neutral operator (in this case abertis telecom).

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