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·  21 Février 2008 , Barcelona

London Luton airport reaches 10 million passengers per year

London Luton Airport, managed by TBI, has multiplied its passenger traffic by five in the last decade and is one of the most important airports in Great Britain in number of passengers and routes in service.

In February, London Luton Airport  reached the threshold of 10 million passengers over 12 months, a record in the airport’s 70-year history. The introduction of new airlines and more than 40 new routes in the last two years has contributed to a significant increase in the number of passengers, making Luton one of Great Britain’s fastest growing airports.

London Luton, managed by TBI plc – a company controlled by abertis (90%) and Aena International (10%) – has multiplied passenger traffic by five over the last ten years and is one of the leading airports in Great Britain in number of passengers served. With more than 500 employees, the airfield is the most important economic force in the region.

The growth of London Luton owes much to the development and consolidation over the last few years of the low cost airlines. November, 1995, saw the takeoff of the first flight by easyJet, one of the top European low cost airlines. London Luton is also the leading British airport in handling private business aviation, with a market share of some 60% in the London area.

Companies like easyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, Monarch, Flybe and Thomsonfly operate from London Luton to more than 90 destinations in Europe, Africa and North America, and the airline Silverjet operates long haul to New York and Dubai. SkyEurope has announced that it will soon be starting operations from London Luton, with flights to Bratislava, Prague, Kosice and Poprad.

The airport is located in one of the world’s most important air traffic hubs and is noted for being the least congested airport in the London area and for its good communications with the British capital. It occupies an area of 235 hectares on a hill on the southern edge of the city of Luton, 56 kilometres from London. It has a runway 2160 metres long, parking area for 36 commercial aircraft, two passenger terminals, a cargo terminal and hangars for business aviation.

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