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Mardi, 1 Décembre 2015

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·  23 Juin 2010 , Barcelona

The Spanish Securities Commission (CNMV) agrees the listing of abertis’ new shares

Following its bonus share issue, abertis now has share capital of over 2,217 million euros

After reviewing the documentation submitted by abertis, the Spanish Securities Commission (CNMV) has agreed the listing of the company’s new shares arising from the share capital increase carried out through a bonus share issue approved at the Shareholders’ Meeting on 27th April. The listing of abertis’ new shares on the Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia Stock Exchanges will take effect from 24 June.

In May, abertis starts a bonus share issue out premium issue account for a sum of over 105.6 millions euros. This involved issuing over 35 million new shares in a proportion of one new share for every 20 old ones. The allocation period for the new shares and/or the period for trading their attached rights were from 24th May to 7th June inclusive.

The capital increase leaves abertis’ share capital at €2,217,113,349 represented by 739,037,783 shares in circulation with an individual face value of EUR 3. 

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