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Samedi, 30 Août 2014

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·  15 Février 2007 , Barcelona

Traffic growth on abertis toll roads much stronger than in recent years

Excellent evolution in 2006

Traffic increased by 5.2% in Spain, where 46% of the kilometres managed are located.

The greatest increases were recorded on the acesa (+4.6%), aucat (+7.7%) and aumar (+5.8%) networks, which manage the toll routes with the heaviest traffic flow in Spain.

The Sanef toll roads in France, with 1,700 kilometres, recorded a 3.9% rise in traffic in the last quarter of the year. The increase for the full year was 1.2%.

The strong traffic growth in the Autopista del Oeste, in Argentina, is noted with a rise of more than 10% in 2006.

Traffic recorded on the Abertis toll road network, including Sanef in France and GCO in Argentina, rose by 3.4% in 2006.

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