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Vendredi, 27 Novembre 2015

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·  10 Octobre 2008 , Barcelona

Valentí Fuster stresses the efficiency of new technology in detecting cardiovascular illness

At a talk organised by the abertis foundation

At a talk organised by the abertis foundation yesterday, the cardiologist Valentí Fuster stressed the importance of research in detecting cardiovascular illness at an early stage using new technology such as imaging techniques, which make it possible to diagnose possible lesions or heart attack risks.

During his talk, which took place at the Catalan national museum of art in Barcelona under the title of “The 21st Century Challenge: Health as a Priority”, Valentí Fuster outlined the latest research carried out in the city of Chicago, which involved over 7,000 volunteers and included a comprehensive study of the carotid/coronary arteries and the aeorta, and  helped make possible early diagnosis of at-risk individuals.

The cardiologist, who is the director of the Cardiovascular Institute at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital and scientific chairman of the Spanish national cardiovascular research centre (CNIC), stated that from the age of 50 onwards for men and 60 in the case of women, the so-called “risk factors” connected with cardiovascular illness (smoking, excess weight, high blood pressure, a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes and high cholesterol) must be avoided as far as possible. He pointed out that individuals with any of these factors have a 25% higher chance of suffering a stroke or a heart attack in the next ten years.

Valentí Fuster also stated that, “It is a mistake to believe that these illnesses belong only to developed countries,” and gave several examples of education programmes to raise public awareness of the importance of prevention and research. In this respect he announced that next year the CNIC will have 165 researchers, twice as many as now.

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