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Relevant facts and Other Communications ready to consult here coincide to the ones sent by the company or via third parties as soon as they are brought to the companies knowledge, and spreaded by the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV).

The following relevant facts are also available at the CNMV web site (www.cnmv.es).

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feb 8 2017

Abertis sends information on agreement to acquire an additional 8.53% stake in A4 Holding for €47.5Mn.

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jan 31 2017

The Company sends changes in the Board of Directors.

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jan 27 2017

Abertis sends announcement of the meeting with analysts and institutional investors to be held on 1 March 2017, regarding full year results 2016 released on 28 February 2017.

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jan 23 2017

OHL reports about the sale of a 2.5% stake of Abertis' share capital for an amount of 13.59 euro / share.

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jan 23 2017

OHL reports about a private placement of Abertis' shares representing 1.84% of its share capital and an additional 0.66% acquisition by the placing entities.

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jan 23 2017

Abertis informs that it has decided to exercise its preferential acquisition rights for CDC stake in Holding d'Infrastructures de Transports (HIT)

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dec 27 2016

The Company has reached an agreement for the acquisition of controlling stakes in two toll road concessionaires in India.

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nov 30 2016

The Company sends information on changes in the Board of Directors and others Committees.

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nov 10 2016

The company sends information on the final results and pricing of its invitation to holders of previous Notes.

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nov 2 2016

The Company informs that it has set the terms of the new issue of Notes for qualified institutional investors.

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nov 2 2016

The Company informs that intends to issue new Notes for qualified institutional investors and a repurchase offer for previous Notes.

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oct 26 2016

The Company sends information regarding 9M 2016 results.

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