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EC Executive Committee P President
ACC Audit and Control Committee VS Vice-Secretary
ARC Appointments and Remuneration Committee S Secretary
CSRC Corporate Social Responsibility Committee    
Board of Directors   Appointment Reelections Expiration   Commitee
  Salvador Alemany 07/21/1998 03/20/2013
03/20/2018 Director (1) EC (P)
Vice-President - CEO            
  Francisco Reynés Massanet 05/26/2009 03/24/2015
03/24/2019 Executive EC
Other members            
  Carlos Colomer Casellas 07/24/2012   03/20/2018 Independent ACC (P)
Degree in Economics from Universidad de Barcelona
Diploma of Business Administration from IESE.
Chairman of Ahorro Bursátil S.A. SICAV.
Chairman of Inversiones Mobiliarias Urquiola, S.A. SICAV
Chariman of Haugron Holdings, S.L
Independent Director of Telefónica, S.A

G3T, S.L. represented by:

Carmen Godia

11/29/2005 06/21/2011
06/21/2016 Director (2) CRSC
Ex-Director, Iberpistas, S.A.C.E.
  Juan-José López Burniol 07/28/2015   07/28/2019 Director (1) ARC
Nacido en Alcanar, Tarragona, el año 1945. Licenciado en Derecho por la Universidad de Navarra; notario desde 1971. Ha ejercido su oficio en Barcelona desde 1977 hasta 2015. Ha sido decano del Colegio Notarial de Cataluña, y ha formado parte de la Comissió Jurídica Assessora de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Magistrado y primer presidente del Tribunal Constitucional de Andorra (1993-2001). Actualmente es consejero de "la Caixa" y de “CaixaBank”, así como vocal del Círculo de Economía. Ha presidido “Tribuna Barcelona” durante diez años y colabora habitualmente en diversos medios de comunicación.
  Grupo Villar Mir, S.A. representad by:
Juan-Miguel Villar Mir
02/17/2015   03/24/2019 Director (3)


PhD in Civil Engineering and Ports. Law degree.
Chairman of Obrascón Huarte Lain, S.A. (OHL) and chairman and CEO of Grupo Villar Mir, S.AU.
  Marcelino Armenter Vidal 09/18/2007 03/20/2013
03/20/2018 Director (1) EC | ACC
Degree in Business and MBA.
Currently, he is the General Manager of Criteria Caixa.
He also holds a variety of positions in companies in which 'la Caixa' Group has direct or indirect holdings.
  María Teresa Costa Campi 03/20/2013   03/20/2018 Independent ACC | ARC | CSRC (P)
PhD in Economics from the University of Barcelona.
Professor of Applied Economics. Faculty of Economics of the University of Barcelona.
Director of the Department of Sustainable Energy at the University of Barcelona.
Former chairwoman of the National Energy Commission.
  Marina Serrano González 06/28/2016   Next AGM Independent  

Born in Zaragoza (Spain), in 1957. State lawyer (1982) licensed in Law and Philosophy and Letters by the Zaragoza University. Her professional career has been linked to energy, through the National Energy Commission (1999-2013); and as Secretary of the Board of Directors and Legal Consuel of the Spanish company Red Eléctrica de España (1988-1995). Nowadays, she is a lawyer Of Consuel at the Public Law and Regulated Sectors department at Pérez Llorca Spanish law firm.

  Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Méndez 11/30/2004 03/24/2015
03/24/2019 Independent EC | ACC | ARC
PAD, IAE - Austral University (Argentina)
Advisory Director of Telefónica Latin America
  Mónica López-Monís Gallego 03/20/2013   03/20/2018 Independent EC | ARC (P)
Degree in Law and Economics and Business Administration from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.
State Advocate
General Manager and Chief Compliance Officer Banco Santander.
  Sandra Lagumina 06/28/2016   Next AGM Independent  

Born in Paris (France), in 1967. She graduated from National School of Administration (France) and has an extensive background within Political Sciences and Law. She is linked to the Gaz de France-Suez Group (today, Engie) since 2005 holding various positions, and nowadays she is Deputy Director General of Gaz Infraestructure. Previously, she has been working in the French Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs and Industry (2000-2005) as Director of the International Public Law at the Legal Affairs Directorate.

  Susana Gallardo Torrededia 03/13/2014   04/01/2018 Director (1) CSRC
Degree in POLITICS AND ECONOMICS (BSc degree) by Oxford Polytechnic, Brookes University-United Kingdom.
“Banking and Finance” in the City of London Polytechnic.
FFI Certificate in Family Business Advising.
Business Management Program in IESE.
Board member of CaixaBank.
Board member of Landon Grupo Corporativo.
Member of the Family Firm Institute Advisory Committee.
Vice-President, Pronovias
Member of the Global Advisory Board, Babson College Boston MA.
Board member of Goodgrower.
President Fundación Bienvenido
Member of Fundación Aurea
Member of Fundació Hospitalitat Mare de Déu de Lourdes.
Non-Executive Secretary:
Miquel Roca Junyent EC (S)
José Maria Coronas Guinart EC (VS) | ARC (S) | CSRC (S)
Marta Casas Caba ACC (S)

(1) Criteria CaixaHolding, S.A.U., company controlled by “la Caixa”

(2) Inversiones Autopistas, S.L., company controlled by Criteria CaixaHolding, S.A.U.

(3) Obrascon Huarte Lain.

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