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Ethical channel

Ethical behaviour

The Abertis Group is fully committed to the highest ethical standards and compliance with all regulations that apply to relations with its employees (regardless of professional category) and stakeholders in all the activities it undertakes. Within this ethical behavior is remarkable Abertis Group's commitment in the fight against corruption.

Abertis has a Code of Ethics that is applicable to all Group companies. Furthermore, each Group company has a Local Codes of Ethics, designed to comply with laws and customs applicable to each.

In Abertis Infraestructuras, SA, the Abertis Group's Code of Ethics is shaped by the Code of Ethics Regulations in Spain, and aims to provide guidance on conduct that the Spanish Criminal Code attributes not only to physical persons but also to companies.

The fight against corruption within the Group is expressed inside the Corruption Prevention Policy, which states the NON TOLERANCE policy towards any kind of corruption.

Information Channel

The Code of Ethics of the Abertis Group has created information channels for all employees and stakeholders in the Abertis Group so they may:

  • Make inquiries regarding doubts about the interpretation of this Code of Ethics, its Local Codes of Ethics, as well as applicable laws and internal regulations.
  • Report noncompliance with this Code of Ethics, its Local Codes of Ethics as well as applicable laws and internal regulations.

All inquiries or reports of noncompliance will be answered and resolved. However, no anonymous queries relating to sensitive information will be answered. Anonymous reports of noncompliance will only be investigated if all the necessary information is included and if said reports are made in good faith.

Under no circumstances will information be provided to anonymous whistleblowers on the progress of investigations and the results thereof.

The information channels that have been established are the following:

  • Ethics Channel on the intranet of Abertis Infraestructuras: Send inquiry/report
  • Email: canal.etico@abertis.com
  • Post mail. Compliance Department, Abertis Infraestructuras. Ref. Abertis Ethics Channel. Av. Pedralbes, 17 08034 Barcelona, Spain.

The Code of Ethics of the Abertis Group guarantees that there will be no retaliation for any queries/reports of noncompliance made ​​in good faith.

The management of inquiries/reports of noncompliance is detailed in Abertis Group's regulations on Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committees.

In Abertis Infraestructuras, the management and treatment of inquiries and noncompliance reports are complemented by the Code of Ethics Regulation in Spain.

Abertis Group Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committees

All companies in the Abertis Group have Ethics and Criminal Prevention committees whose main function is to ensure compliance with the Code of Ethics of the Abertis Group, the Abertis Group’s Compliance Policy and the companies’ respective Local Codes of Ethics. The objective of these committees is to prevent crimes from being committed within the Group companies.

There are rules applicable to all Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committees of Abertis Group. The common guiding principles applicable to all members of the Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committees are: honesty, independence, objectivity, confidentiality, fairness, right to fair hearing and non-retaliation.

Each Ethics and Criminal Prevention Committee has a procedure in which its systematic approach is regulated along with that of its members.

Contact the Committee by sending inquiry/report

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