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Mutual benefit, grow with us and we will grow with you.

Maintaining strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers is fundamental to our success.

We believe in partnership as the main working philosophy to achieve the objectives of both parties.


At Abertis, we regularly review our panel of suppliers in order to incorporate new companies that are in line with our needs and objectives, as well as our values.

We prioritise constant improvement in quality, cost and service, as well as optimal risk management and innovation.


Contribute  with your ideas

Would you like to come up with new business ideas and find a partner to develop them? Let's grow and innovate together.


If you would like to join our supplier network, please fill in the following form.

Once your application has been studied, we will inform you of the result. If the result is favourable, you will receive an invitation via email to become an approved supplier.

If you have an innovative idea that you would like to share with us, acess the following form to provide us with your contact details and documentation of the idea.

Our team will study your proposal and contact you.


 *Process supported by SAP Ariba, if you are not familiarized with the platform find more information and help  here.

For the registration and approval of its suppliers, Abertis uses the external system Docuplus S&I, an online directory of suppliers of goods and services that serves the main companies in the Services and Industry sector.

Depending on the supplier's annual turnover level and the categories of products and services to which it dedicates its main activity, Abertis establishes whether the supplier must be registered at the basic or premium level.

It will be Abertis who will determine the premium registration which implies the provision of additional documentation and the payment of an annual fee to Achilles South Europe by the supplier.

SAP Ariba, new purchase platform

Tender management is carried out through the SAP Ariba platform. It is a collaborative tool that connects more than 2 million companies in 190 countries.

The use of this platform is free of charge for our suppliers.

A) I have received an invitation to participate  

Our procurement team will then inform you about the next steps concerning the tender.

B) I am not yet part of your supplier network.

If you are not part of our supplier network, please access the potential suppliers section.


SAP Business Network, our new platform designed to streamline and fully digitise the traditional order and invoice process.

Abertis is pleased to announce that as far as possible both processes will be carried out electronically.

This will mean saying goodbye to the use of paper. In addition, this will enable to keep track of the updated status of the invoice and receive information on the day of payment.

How to access the supplier portal?

If you wish to operate electronically, you must request it by sending an email with your company name and VAT number: clicking here.

Next Steps 

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an invitation email to create a Business Network account. If you wish to link an existing account, you will need to enter your username and password.


Revolutionising the way we do business together!

Thanks to the implementation of this platform, we hope to strengthen the relationship with our suppliers and simplify transactions as much as possible.


What is SAP Ariba or Ariba Business Network?

It is a source-to-pay solution, which is part of a trading community with more than 2 million organisations (the largest e-commerce community in the world). Its main objective is to improve and energise business relationships. Ariba will offer you a multitude of solutions such as digitisation of orders, invoices and payments. You will also have better management of data including bank accounts, contacts, updates and new orders and invoices. 

What are the benefits for the supplier?

It reduces administrative costs related to invoice management, allows real-time order tracking, invoice entry and payment dates, error detection and immediate notification of errors.

Is it a secure network?

Ariba Business Network, communicates using HTTP over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is the industry standard method used to secure Web communications. The SSL security protocol provides RSA data encryption, server authentication, message integrity and optional client authentication for TCP/IP connections.

Ariba Business Network servers use a Verisign Class 3 digital server certificate to enable SSL connections. Ariba Business Network is secured with at least 128-bit encryption and 256-bit encryption if supported by the customer's browser.

What happens to my old account (Supplier Portal)?

This portal is no longer active as of 15 September 2020.  From this date onwards, all orders and invoices will be processed via the SAP Ariba Business Network

Is SAP Ariba Business Network mandatory, is it not possible to continue using paper invoicing?

This system allows real-time invoice tracking, with the advantage of immediate notification of any discrepancies in the invoice. It also helps to reduce the use of paper and avoids delays in payment due to misplaced or lost documentation and other issues. By working together, we will achieve a more efficient and environmentally sustainable payment cycle.

How do I create my Ariba Business Network user? How do I link my Ariba Business Network account to Abertis/Autopistas?

This process is done automatically by us and you will receive the connection instructions with your first order via interactive email.

Is Ariba a free platform?

Yes, the Ariba Business Network is free for our suppliers. However, there are two types of accounts depending on several factors which are reflected in the table below:

•Standard: at no additional cost regardless of the volume of transactions. Access to orders and the creation of invoices is managed via links sent by email. It is recommended to save and archive these links for future reference. 

•Enterprisefree: of charge as long as the following two thresholds are not exceeded for at least one customer per year: 1) A maximum of 5 transactions or documents (orders, invoices, etc.) and 2) Not exceeding a certain financial volume, which can be found in the following table:

Will Abertis/Autopistas bear the possible costs arising from Enterprise accounts?

No, Abertis only asks the supplier to register for at least a free Standard account.

If I already work with an account for other clients, is there any additional cost?

In this case Ariba will make a new assignment that groups all your business relationships in the Ariba Business Network


Help concerning the SAP Ariba platform  

SAP Ariba has a support team to help you with any questions you may have.

Click on the following link to access your support window where you will find a search engine with recurring questions (FAQ) as well as help documentation and user manuals.

Should you have a specific query, Ariba has an excellent support service.


Quick guides for basic management (documents in Spanish)

Create an user on Ariba Business

Complete Registration Questionnaire

Create an Invoice

Abertis is clearly committed to applying its ethical culture to its employees and suppliers. It DOES NOT TOLERATE any act contrary to the applicable law. In order to achieve this objective, the collaboration of its suppliers is essential.

To this end, prior to the start of the provision of their services, employees or subcontractors must undergo the following training on their internal regulations:

Code of Ethics 

Prevention of Corruption

Conflicts of Interest

Prevention of Workplace Harassment


In addition, suppliers must inform Abertis:

•If they are sanctioned or are involved in administrative or legal proceedings for acts that may entail a ban on contracting with the public sector.

•On any breach by Abertis employees, as well as its subcontractors required for the provision of the services contracted.


Our communication channels are:

•Ethic Channel:

•E-mail address :

•Postal mail :
Compliance Abertis
Ref. Abertis Ethical Channel
Avda. Pedralbes, 17
08034 - Barcelona (Spain)