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Goodbye, Nexus. Hello, Network!

Dear supplier,

Please be informed that on September 15, 2020 the Supplier Portal space -Nexus- will be deactivated.

We have launched a new electronic invoicing platform that will replace the previous one: SAP Ariba Network. This will be the new way of keeping in contact.

If you were already a Nexus user we will contact you shortly to provide the next steps. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at


For the registration and qualification of suppliers, Abertis uses the support system Docuplus S&I, an online directory of goods and services suppliers who serves the main companies of the industry.

According to the supplier's annual turnover level and the categories of the products and services involved in its main activity, Abertis will determine whether the supplier must register for the levels:  

Basic registration (level 1): Abertis verifies the information provided by the supplier and determines whether it must move on to the next registration level or is considered to be approved at Level 1.

Standard Docuplus registration (level 2): according to the critical nature of the categories of supplies selected, as well as its level of turnover, Abertis will determine whether registration at the higher level is required, and will ask it to provide additional documentation.

Note: Registration at level 2 (Docuplus) requires the supplier to pay an annual fee to Achilles South Europe. Registration at level 1 (basic) does not entail the payment of any fee.

Register as a supplier
Data consultation and update (user and password for Abertis' basic registration)
Data consultation and update (user and password in Docuplus S&I)


Abertis has implemented a global, integrated purchasing management policy, which is applicable to the Group as a whole.

One of the pillars of Abertis' purchasing policy is its relationship with suppliers, taking responsibility for the optimum management of supplier relations.

The relationship with suppliers is based on the values and principles included in the Abertis Group's Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility Policy.

Abertis therefore makes available to its buyers the necessary tools to efficiently carry out the selection, approval and continuous evaluation of suppliers.


Abertis' Ethical Code stipulates that supplier selection processes must comply with principles of fairness, objectivity and transparency. Selection will be primarily based on quality and cost criteria, as well as the meeting of deadlines. The contractual conditions agreed by the parties will also be observed.

With the aim of strengthening the relationship with our top partners, Abertis has decided to implement a new online trading platform. 
This space is set aside for dialogue between Abertis and its suppliers, through the publication of information and documentation of interest. This helps us reinforce our commitment to:

• transparency in processes for the purchase and procurement of goods and services
• the promotion of stable and trustworthy relationships with our suppliers
• respect and care for the environment (minimising the use of paper)

Code of Ethics

Workplace Harassment Norm

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