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Abertis' origins are to be found in the construction, management and operation of Spain's first toll roads.

Since its creation, in 2003, Abertis has followed a growth and profitability-based strategy which has placed the company at the forefront of infrastructure project management. This is demonstrated by:

  • In 2006 the concessionaire Sanef joining the group.
  • Since 2009, Abertis controls Avasa in Spain, while in Chile it controls the concessionaires Elqui and Gesa, as well as a majority holding and control of Rutas del Pacífico.
  • In 2011, the concession award of PR-22 and PR-5 toll roads in Puerto Rico to the Metropistas, a consortium leaded by Abertis .
  • In 2012, the world leadership in the toll road sector following the integration of the Arteris Group, as well of three extra concessions in Chile.
  • In 2015 and 2016, the 100% control of the chilean Autopista del Sol, Autopista Los Libertadores and Autopista Central, which gives Abertis full control of all its concessionaires in Chile. 
  • In 2016, the acquisition of 51.4% of the Italian concessionaire, A4 Holding, which manages 235 kilometres of toll roads in the North of Italy, and the enter of the Group in India. 

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