The Abertis Group, today's world referent in toll roads management, has been working for more than 60 years to be a key player in infrastructures' sustainable financing and management. The company's trajectory endorses it as a fundamental ally for the Administrations in this field. Since the Group was born in 2003, Abertis has followed a strategy based on growth, internationalization and responsible profitability.


Abertis Group milestones since its creation  


  • Acquisition of Red de Carreteras de Occidente (RCO) in Mexico and of Elizabeth River Crossings in the USA


  • Entry into Asia through the acquisition of two toll roads in India


  • Entry into Italy through the concessionaire A4 Holding
  • 100% takeover of Autopista Central (Santiago, Chile)
  • Creation of Emovis, a subsidiary dedicated to the development and management of technology and information services to offer electronic toll solutions and intelligent mobility 


  • Takeover of Autopista del Sol and Los Libertadores (Chile)


  • Integration of Arteris group (Brazil) and additional three new toll roads in Chile


  • Metropistas wins concession of PR-22 and PR-5 in Puerto Rico 


  • Control of AP-68 concessionaire Avasa (Spain), and of Elqui and Rutas del Pacífico (Chile)


  • Incorporation of Sanef group (France).


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