5 Oct 2020

The Abertis Chairs present the Abertis Awards for Infrastructure and Road Safety in France and Brazil

The Abertis Chairs present the Abertis Awards for Infrastructure and Road Safety in France and Brazil

  • The selected works will become finalists for the Abertis International Award, which is chosen from the winners of the respective categories from all the countries where these University Chairs are established.


The Abertis Chairs Awards in Transport Infrastructure Management and Road Safety, which recognise each year the best final degree projects or doctoral theses of university students in two categories (transport infrastructure management and road safety), have been presented in France and Brazil.

In France, the Abertis-Sanef-École des Ponts Chair award went to Malalatiana Randriamasy, in the Transportation Infrastructure Management category, for a thesis on vehicle-infrastructure communication and its application to electronic toll collection. In the Road Safety category, the winner was Yann Meneroux, for a thesis on road signalling detection methods.

The awards ceremony at the Spanish Embassy in Paris was attended by the Spanish Ambassador, José Manuel Albares; the Chairwoman of the Abertis Foundation, Elena Salgado; the CEO of Sanef, Arnaud Quémard; and the Director of l'École des Ponts, Sophie Mougard. 

The Abertis-University of São Paulo Chair Award, which recognises the academic work of Brazilian students, has also been presented in Brazil. Willian Fedrigo was the winner in the Transport Infrastructure category, and Aurenice da Cruz Figueira was the winner in the Road Safety category. The award ceremony was carried out electronically.  

The Abertis-Sanef-École Ponts Chair and the Abertis-University of São Paulo Chair are part of the International Network of Abertis Academic Chairs, with similar awards in Puerto Rico, Chile and Spain, where the first chair was founded in 2003, and always in collaboration with leading universities. From all of them, the International Abertis award is held annually, which is selected from among the winners of the respective categories from all countries.


Network of Abertis Academic Chairs

Aware of the importance of working with the academic world to ensure social and economic progress, Abertis promotes training, research and the transfer of knowledge between University and Corporations. The International Network of Abertis Chairs is the first university think tank with the mission of promoting road safety in higher education, bringing together the efforts of academic partners, the public sector and the private sector. It is one of the pillars of Abertis' steadfast commitment to road safety via its strategic Road Safety programme.

With the international network of Academic Chairs, Abertis aspires to stimulate, generate and disseminate new knowledge and innovations in its fields of activity to put them at the service of the whole of society and the technical and educational community, caring for and helping the talent that universities are capable of flourishing and channelling.

The network of Abertis Academic Chairs in Spain is made up of those established in Madrid (UPM-Polytechnic University of Madrid) and Barcelona (UPC). The company also has four international academic chairs: France (École des Ponts-ParisTech), Puerto Rico (University of Puerto Rico), Chile (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and Brazil (University of São Paulo).

The winning works can be viewed on the website of the International Network of Abertis Academic Chairs at: www.catedrasabertis.com  

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