2 Dec 2020

Abertis, through Emovis, wins new innovative traffic management projects in Puerto Rico and Qatar

Abertis, through Emovis, wins new innovative traffic management projects in Puerto Rico and Qatar

  • Abertis' subsidiary dedicated to mobility services based on free flow tolling solutions has been awarded the management of a dynamic tolling system on two highways in Puerto Rico, a pioneering system to improve traffic and reduce accidents and pollution. 
  • The Group takes a step forward in the Americas, shortly after the announcement of the acquisition of Elizabeth River Crossings in Virginia, US. 
  • Emovis has also been awarded an urban tolling solution project in Doha, Qatar. This is the Group’s first step in the Middle East. 

Emovis, an Abertis Group division, leader in mobility services based on electronic tolling solutions, continues to expand internationally. The company has been awarded a new contract in Puerto Rico to install free flow gantries in the dynamic toll lanes of the PR-52 and PR-18 highways, managed by the State.

With this new contract, Emovis will provide the dynamic toll lanes management system using a traffic-based algorithms system that calculates tariffs in real time depending on congestion levels and allows users to choose whether to access the highway or not, thus maintaining the road service level. 

Benefits derived from this project are several: it allows time savings of up to 30 minutes for highway users and nearly 15 minutes for other roads users, as it also contributes to decongesting conventional roads. In summary, it is an improvement for society as a whole, since these kinds of systems contribute to a more efficient traffic regulation, resulting in fewer accidents and pollution, as well as saving time. 

Emovis has proven experience in this field, as it also manages the dynamic toll system on the PR-5 and PR-22 toll roads since 2013 for Metropistas, Abertis’ operator in Puerto Rico. 

With this announcement, the Abertis Group continues its expansion in the Americas. Abertis recently announced the acquisition, in consortium with Manulife Investment Management, of Elizabeth River Crossings, which operates four tunnels and a highway in the State of Virginia. This transaction is a major step forward in Abertis' growth strategy in the key market of the United States, one of the most important investment objectives in infrastructure in the world. 

Urban Tolling in Qatar 

Emovis has also expanded recently to Qatar, after winning a major contract to design, implement and operate an electronic toll system on the Doha Expressway, the capital’s main road. This is the first road in the country to have a free flow tolling system, as part of the infrastructure development plan promoted in the country with a view to improving mobility by 2030. Emovis’ solution will allow users to make faster, safer, more comfortable journeys, as well as reduce CO2 emissions.  

The system developed by Emovis allows real-time vehicle identification and classification by means of state-of-the-art license plate recognition technology. This contract represents the entry of the Abertis Group in the Middle East.  

With these projects, the Group reinforces its commitment to offer innovative mobility solutions and more efficient, comfortable and safe high capacity roads. As an operator with extensive experience in road and urban mobility management, Abertis is committed to the application of innovation and new technologies to promote a more sustainable use of infrastructure and improve mobility. 

About Emovis  

Emovis is Abertis’ subsidiary dedicated to design, implement and manage technology and information services for electronic tolling and intelligent mobility solutions. It has nearly 700 employees in 6 countries and operates some of the largest electronic tolling infrastructures in different countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Puerto Rico or Canada. 100% owned by Abertis, Emovis represents a reliable long-term partner for transportation authorities. 

In recent years, Emovis has developed outstanding projects to transform traditional barrier infrastructures into fully electronic in key infrastructures around the world, such as London's Dartford Crossing, Dublin’s M50, or the two toll roads managed by Metropistas. It was also the responsible for implementing the system on the Mersey Gateway Bridge in Liverpool, UK, making the company a leading technological toll operator in Europe.  

Abertis’ commitment to innovation 

Through its strategic Road Tech program, the Abertis Group constantly invests in technology and intelligent engineering to ensure that its customers enjoy a pleasant, safe, comfortable, fast and practical experience when using its roads.

The Group promotes more sustainable and efficient mobility initiatives, helping to eliminate traditional toll barriers, and introducing new systems that reduce congestion, pollution and accidents, which results in a better customer service.