22 Mar 2022

Abertis partners with CEOE

Abertis partners with CEOE

  • The senior management of both organisations met today to sign the agreement by which Abertis will sit on the advisory board of CEOE (the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations), bringing its experience and vision as one of the world's top groups in the management of secure, sustainable and connected infrastructures.


22 March 2022.- Abertis has partnered with CEOE after signing a standard form contract in Madrid today. The contract was signed by José Aljaro, CEO of Abertis, and Antonio Garamendi, the chairman of CEOE.

Through this partnership, Abertis will sit on CEOE advisory boards such as the Committee for Concessions and Infrastructures, the Committee for Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition and the Committee for Research, Development and Innovation.

In this way, Abertis and CEOE are joining forces to drive a sector as essential and strategic as mobility, at a time of significant challenges in relation to the promotion of a sustainable model, from an environmental, social and economic perspective, or the digitalisation of the infrastructures, essential for managing roads and ensuring they are more and more efficient.

In the words of the CEO of Abertis, José Aljaro, “It is a great satisfaction to partner with CEOE. This is a key moment for making sustainable mobility a reality in Spain. A journey that must be made by the industry and business sectors together and where the support of this organisation will be of great help.

The chairman of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, positively appraised the addition to the organisation of a group such as Abertis, an international benchmark in the management of infrastructures and mobility, key sectors for driving the transformation of our productive model into a more competitive, sustainable and digital one, allowing us to more effectively tackle the challenges of the future.