9 Nov 2018

The Abertis Foundation launches the road education program 'We have to repeat it'

The Abertis Foundation launches the road education program 'We have to repeat it'

The Abertis Foundation has launched a road safety education program in schools for young people and teenagers this fall. Through awareness talks, the objective is to sensitize young people about the importance of maintaining responsible behaviour when driving, especially when they go out at night, and about how the risks of committing imprudence on the road increase as a consequence of the consumption of alcohol and other substances.

Until now, the talks have reached almost 1,000 students from 6 schools and the goal is to end the current school year reaching nearly 2,000 schoolchildren and 10 centers. The program is entitled 'We have to repeat it', referring to the nights when young people go out to have fun.

The lectures are given by Sebas Lorente (www.sebaslorente.com), a well-known motivational lecturer and author of the book 8 días levantándome de #BuenHumor (Alienta), who offers a first-person testimony, since he became paraplegic after suffering a car accident when I returned home after leaving a nightclub.

To date, high school students from the following schools have benefited from this program:

·         INS Pere Borrell (Puigcerdà): 150 students

·         Escola Camp Joliu (L’Arboç): 70 students

·         Escola Betània-Patmos (Barcelona): 200 students

·         Escola Montagut (Vilafranca del Penedès): 90 students

·         Colegio Padre Damián, SS.CC. (Barcelona): 75 students

·         Col·legi Sant Ignasi (Barcelona): 400 students


·         INS Vinyet (Sitges): January 17, 2019

·         Centre Monlau (Barcelona): January 23, 2019

·         Colegio Highlands El Encinar (Madrid): date to be determined

·         Cumbres School (Valencia): date to be determined

Team game

Students who have received the talk can participate in a team competition, created by the Abertis Foundation, in which each team will present a work that collects the impressions and conclusions drawn in terms of road safety and responsibility in driving. The teams will be formed by groups of five students, and each center will be able to present as many teams as they wish.

The winning team will receive, as a reward, a week-long trip to Ireland for all its members (accompanied by a teacher or tutor) to complete an intensive English course.

Committed to child and youth road safety

This action is part of the activities developed by the Abertis Foundation to promote road safety, especially among children and young people. The Abertis Group maintains an alliance with UNICEF to promote road safety for children on their daily commute to school around the world.

The Abertis Foundation develops the KanGo! Project, recognized with the Barcelona Innovation Educational Award 2018, which facilitates the use of public transport autonomously by schoolchildren in the district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (Barcelona). The Foundation has been carrying out this program since 2014, which aims to promote the use of public transport among the youngest, boost their autonomy and promote the employment inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities or Down syndrome who act as Cooperators.

Likewise, the Foundation carries out recurrent actions of awareness among the youth collective, especially in areas of nightlife on weekends, with campaigns such as 'Te queda una vida' or 'El Apagón', which seek to transfer young people who leave at night the dangers of mixing driving with the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

The Abertis Foundation

The Abertis Foundation was created in 1999 as a non-profit organization, with the objective of responding to the impact that the Abertis Group's economic activity has on the different territories and countries where the Group is present. The Foundation has always given priority to actions related to road safety, the environment and social action, in line with the Strategic Plan for Social Responsibility of Abertis and the Abertis Group's commitment to road safety.

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