Mission, Vision and Values


The vision, mission and values of Abertis are the foundations upon which the Group bases its day-to-day growth and expresses the desire to identify us with our customers, employees, shareholders and the society.

The Abertis vision is to be the leading worldwide operator in infrastructure management serving mobility and communications.

The mission, to promote and manage in a sustainable and efficient manner, contribute to infrastructure development of society in harmony with the welfare of our employees and creating long-term value for our shareholders.

The claim Commitment and delivery summarizes the values that identify the Abertis Group. We fulfill our commitments and act with integrity guided by:

  • Leading from responsibility and trust in people.
  • Finding solutions for infrastructure development based on dialogue and collaboration with our stakeholders.
  • Anticipating and adapting to the needs of our customers and users through innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Driving efficiency in our organization based on simplicity and pragmatism.
  • Being transparent to value our rigor and credibility.