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As one of the largest global groups in road transport infrastructure management, Abertis plays an essential role in the economic and sustainable development of the territories in which it operates.

For this reason, our commitment to society is oriented towards long-term investment in high-quality infrastructures, through the promotion of sustainability. We work to be a key player in the financing and sustainable management of the infrastructures of the future.

We act to reduce the carbon footprint, mitigate climate change, minimize the environmental impact of our activity and promote the circular economy. We also apply preventive measures to preserve the environment and reduce pollution, creating a more efficient, responsible and sustainable exploitation model.

Our sustainable development strategy is based on four priority and relevant aspects for the Abertis Group:

  • Good governance, transparency and accountability: the development of an organizational culture based on ethical principles, the rejection of all forms of corruption and the progressive inclusion of good governance practices.
  • Eco-efficiency: the reduction of the carbon footprint, the development of products and services with positive environmental and social criteria and innovation based on circular economy criteria.
  • Integration in the environment: the generation of positive synergies with the local community and the empowerment and conservation of natural capital.
  • Safety and quality: guaranteeing road safety and occupational health and safety, enhancing job quality, ensuring equal opportunities and developing quality products and services that generate positive environmental, social and good governance impacts.

Abertis has a Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan that establishes the framework to achieve the strategic objectives that the company has set in each of these axes.

Check our Corporate Social Responsibility policy here.

The Abertis Foundation

The Abertis Foundation was born in 1999 as a non-profit entity, with the aim of responding to the impact that Abertis' economic activity has on the territories and countries where the Group is present.

The Foundation has always given priority to actions related to road safety, the environment and social action, in line with Abertis' sustainability strategy.

The Abertis Foundation carries out actions aimed at improving road safety in order to reduce accidents. These actions are focused on child road safety education, youth awareness and prevention in the case of elder drivers.

It also promotes social actions in favor of the most vulnerable groups, incorporating them into its road safety actions in favor of sustainability and the environment thanks to the fact that since 2014, its headquarters in the Castellet Castle (Barcelona, Spain) is the UNESCO International Center for Reserves of the Mediterranean Biosphere.

In addition, it complements the activities of the Abertis Group in the countries where it is present and contributes to the development of the International Network of Abertis Chairs, a hub for the transfer of knowledge between university and company with a presence in five countries.

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