The Abertis Group strives to create a culture of respect, inclusion, collaboration, safety and health in the workplace, a reflection of our corporate values.

  • Responsibility and trust in people
  • Dialogue and collaboration
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Efficiency, simplicity and pragmatism
  • Transparency, integrity and credibility


Commitment to diversity. In Abertis we are committed to an inclusive work environment, in which the contribution of each employee is valued. We think that in a diverse workspace, composed of people who contribute with diverse experiences, ideas and opinions, it strengthens the organization. We promote diversity through recruitment, internal promotion and training and development programs.

Commitment to equality. In Abertis we are committed to offer our employees fair and equal opportunities in recruitment, training and development, retribution and promotion. It is imperative that all policies and programs reflect our commitment to equality.

Our ethical code