Abertis Mobility Services

Abertis Mobility Services is born in 2017 as the Abertis Group's electronic solutions subsidiary to sum up the electronic tolling and free flow businesses (Emovis) and payment systems operator Eurotoll

Emovis is the leading service delivery and technology arm of Abertis in the global markets for all electronic tolling and smart mobility solutions. With over 550 employees across 7 countries, Emovis is committed to helping millions of motorists travel seamlessly along the world’s busiest toll roads. The company is operating some of the world’s busiest barrier-free tolling infrastructures in the UK, Ireland, Canada and Puerto Rico. In 2017, Emovis successfully launched the free-flow tolling operation of the new Mersey Gateway bridge near Liverpool, UK. The company is 100% owned by Abertis. This backing makes Emovis a long-term and reliable partner for Road Authorities and Highway Concessionaires.

Eurotoll, under the division of Abertis Mobility Services, is a leading company providing B2B electronic tolling solutions. With over 27 partners in Europe and Eurotoll has a 55.000 km network that operates in 16 countries.

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