Abertis is the largest toll road operator by traffic volume in Chile, where it directly or indirectly manages more than 770 kilometres through its subsidiary VíasChile.

VíasChile, which has a presence in Chile since more than a decade ago, manages five interurban roads, three of which connect Santiago with the Fifth Region and with the main ports of the country, and Autopista Central, the urban motorway with the highest traffic in Chile.

In 2020, VíasChile has completed the transformation of all accesses to Santiago to barrier-free toll systems, a historic milestone that shows its commitment to electronic tolling and to a more efficient, comfortable, clean and safe mobility.

Operator Km Routes
Elqui 219

Los Vilos-La Serena

Rutas del pacífico 141

Santiago de Chile- Valparaíso- Viña del Mar

Autopistas del sol 133

Santiago de Chile- San Antonio

Autopista de los andes 92

Los Andes-Ruta 5 Norte

Autopista de los libertadores 116 Santiago-Colina-Los Andes
Autopista Central 60

Eje Norte-Sur

Eje General Velásquez

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