Abertis has a presence in France through Sanef Group, holding a 100% stake.

Sanef runs over 1,610 km of toll roads in the northwest of France, Normandie and Aquitaine. Sanef manages five of the seven access routes to Ile-de-France (Paris region) and so the traffic routes connecting Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg to the north of France and the United Kingdom.

France is Abertis’ biggest market. The business in France generated 36% of the Group’s revenues and EBITDA in 2020.

In recent years, Sanef is carrying out an ambitious investment plan of nearly €600Mn to improve France's toll road network, in exchange for an extension of the concession contracts.  

Also, in its commitment to a cleaner mobility, Sanef has more than 30 charging points for electric vehicles on its roads and is planning to increase this network to achieve the country's decarbonization objectives. 

Operator Km Routes
Sanef 1,388

A-1: Paris-Lille
A-2: Peronne-Valenciennes
A-4: Paris-Estrasburgo
A-16: Paris-Boulougne sur Mer/Dunkerque
A-26: Calais-Troyes

Sapn 372

A-13: Paris-Caen
A-14: Paris La Defénse-Orvegal
A-29: Le Havre-Saint Quentin


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