Abertis controls 90.03% of the industrial Italian group A4 Holding, which main assets are the A4 and A31 toll roads.

A4 Holding operates 235 kilometers of toll roads in the region of Veneto, one of the most prosperous of Italy, with one of the major levels of GDP and per capita income of the country. It is a geographical strategic zone because it is located in the corridor that connects the industrial North of Italy to the economic center of Europe.

The 146-kilometers A4 toll road, known as "La Serenissima", joins the cities of Brescia and Padova. With three lanes for each direction, it is one of the toll road with the major density of traffic of the country. The 89-kilometers A31 (Austostrada della Valdastico) connects Vicenza with Badia Polesine.

Operator Km Sections
A4 Holding 235

A4: Brescia-Padova

A31: Piovene Rocchette-Badia Polesine


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