Through its subsidiary Autopistas, Abertis is the first operator of high quality and capacity roads in Spain by kilometres managed: 1,105 kilometers representing over 60% of the country's toll roads network. 

Autopistas manages 8 concessions throughout the country: Acesa, Invicat, Avasa, Aucat, Castellana, Aulesa and Túnels, and has a minority stake in other 48 km of roads through Autema and Trados 45.

In the recent years, as a sign of the company’s commitment to innovation, the AP-7 toll road has served as a testing ground for the autonomous car, within the framework of the European program Inframix.


Operator Km Routes
Acesa 479

AP-7 La Jonquera-Barcelona, Barcelona-Tarragona

AP-2 Saragossa-Mediterráneo

Invicat 66

C-31 / C-32 Montgat-Palafolls

C-33 Barcelona-Granollers

Avasa 294 AP-68 Bilbao-Saragossa
Aucat 47 C-32 Castelldefels-Sitges-El Vendrell
Castellana 121

AP-6 Villalba-Adanero

AP-51 Villacastín-Ávila

AP-61 San Rafael-Segovia

Aulesa 38

AP-71 León-Astorga

Trados 45 14

M-45 Stake II

Túnels 41

Vallvidrera tunnel

Cadí tunnel

Autema 48

C-16 Sant Cugat-Terrasa-Manresa

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