In 2020, Abertis has closed the acquisition of 55.2% of Elizabeth River Crossings, a company that manages two tunnels and a highway in the State of Virginia.

The Elizabeth River Tunnels are located in the Hampton Roads region and are one of the busiest roads in the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News metropolitan area. These infrastructures represent an essential connection across the Elizabeth River and a main link in the regional transportation surface network connecting Portsmouth and Norfolk.

It consists of two two-way tunnels the Downtown Tunnel and the Midtown Tunnel, as well as the extension of the Martin Luther King Highway. All of them operate under an electronic barriers-less system.

Abertis is also present in the United States through its tolling technology subsidiary Emovis, in charge of installing and maintaining the Newport Pell Bridge tolling system in the State of Rhode Island. This bridge has a mix of traditional and free flow tolling system to manage daily traffic levels of more than 35,000 vehicles.

Emovis also develops RUC (Road User Charging) programs in the states of Oregon and Utah, based on a large variety of technical solutions for electric vehicles as an alternative to the drop of fuel tax revenues.


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