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Cellnex Telecom

Abertis has a stake as a substantial shareholder (34%) in Cellnex Telecom, the leading independent operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructure in Europe.

The Cellnex Telecom IPO on 7 May 2015 meant another step forward for Abertis in meeting the objectives of its 2015-2017 Strategic Plan as part of its process of focusing on toll roads and creating value for its shareholders. As for Cellnex, access to stock markets adds to its growth strategy in Europe against a backdrop of consolidation of the telecommunications sector which opens up significant opportunities for new infrastructure operators.

Presenting Cellnex to the market as an independent company which has a very clear vision of the role that operators like it are meant to play in the rollout and management of signal transport networks and services, which are strategic in a connected society and economy, also enhances the visibility of the project in financial markets. This has been reflected in its ability to issue a first 7-year bond for 600 million euros just two months after the IPO.

Cellnex has made a firm commitment to international growth in 2015 with the acquisition shortly before its debut on the stock exchange of 7,400 mobile phone towers from the Italian operator Wind for almost 700 million euros. This transaction represented a significant boost to the strategy to diversify Cellnex Telecom’s business lines and the final leap forward in its international growth strategy since following the agreement 50% of its revenue comes from the mobile telephony sites business and 35% of revenue is generated in Italy. This makes it the largest European neutral operator of mobile telephone and audiovisual broadcasting infrastructure with a portfolio of 15,000 sites in Italy and Spain.

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