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Corporate Social Responsibility

2015 has been the first year of operations for the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and it can be considered a success after updating the CSR policy based on the results of the diagnosis and the materiality analysis conducted in 2014 and the most recent recommendations for good governance in this area.

In addition, the Committee has monitored requests for participation in external evaluations in environmental, social and good governance issues by both specialised external analysts and national and international assessment and evaluation initiatives. Also significant is monitoring of the activities of the Abertis Foundation, including implementation of the UNESCO Centre for Biosphere Reserves of Mediterranean Ecosystems project.

Likewise the Committee has drawn up the structure of the CSR Master Plan for the period 2016-2019 which rounds off the update of the procedures and strategies following the latest standards in the field including ISO 26000, the United Nations Global Compact, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals, all of them frameworks recognised in the European Directive on accountability. The scope of the CSR Master Plan is the same as the scope of the CSR Report 2015, 98.1% of the turnover for the year.

The Master Plan consists of four core areas, each of which includes a number of strategic objectives, while the organisation’s stakeholders and human rights are viewed as cross-cutting issues:

  • Good governance, transparency and accountability: the development of an organisational culture based on ethical principles, the rejection of all forms of corruption and the progressive inclusion of good governance practices.
  • Eco-efficiency: reducing carbon footprint, developing products and services with positive environmental and social criteria, and innovation based on circular economy principles.
  • Integration into the environment: the generation of positive synergies with the local community and the promotion and conservation of natural capital.
  • Safety and quality: ensuring road safety along with occupational health and safety, enhancing the quality of employment, delivering equal opportunities and developing quality products and services that generate positive social and good governance impact.

The CSR Report 2015, prepared by the CSR Committee and externally reviewed by the same auditor as for the financial statements, includes detailed information about performance in environmental, social and Good Governance issues over the year. Likewise the Abertis Foundation activities report contains information about all the actions carried out during the year and is available on its website (

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