• Analysis of new lines of business in Spain through the new Development office.

• Study of new concession tenders that may open up in the near future.

• Work with the governments and other local social agents to move forward with initiatives geared at improving mobility.

• CSR and sustainability action plan.

• Continuation of the Plan Relance investment plan.

• Analysis of the new investment plan (Grand Paris).

• Deployment of the specfic CSR action plan.

• Complete the integration with the Group.

• Extend the Open Space model at the Verona offices.

• Advance with the Northern Connection project: begin construction works at the Veneto section and obtain the green light for the Trento section.

• Advance with the lane expansion project for the Brescia-Verona section.

• Analysis of new concessions.

• Deployment of the specfic CSR action plan.

• Commissioning of Via Paulista and implementation of Group best practices.

• Continuation of the investment plan with landmark works such as the area surrounding the city of Florianópolis, the duplication of the Fluminense toll road in Rio de Janeiro and the negotiation of new investments.

• Analysis of new concessions that may appear in the market as part of the Programa de Parcerias de Investimentos (PPI) Program.

• Strategic sustainability plan.

• Begin construction work of the Nudo Quilicura- Autopista Central intersection and Autopista del Sol’s third lane.

• Negotiations with governments for new investments in Ruta Los Libertadores and Ruta-68.

• Re-tendering for the Rutas del Elqui concession and analysis of tenders for new concessions.

• Deployment of the specfic CSR action plan.

Puerto Rico
• New CapEx program for the rehabilitation of damages caused by hurricane María and re-assessment of the model in the mid term.

• Manage insurance claims as a result of hurricane María.

• Under study the implementation of the free-flow system in the Teodoro Moscoso bridge.

• Deployment of the specific CSR action plan.

• Design of the project for new investments in concessions (nearly $700 million): lane expansion, network improvements, etc.

• Analysis of new public-private partnership opportunities in road concessions.

• Deployment of the specific CSR action plan.

• Advance with the integration with the Group.

• Create organizational teams with local collaborators that can become integrated in the international diversity of the Group.

• Streamline and integrate the two assets under a common brand and with uniform management criteria.

• Analysis of new growth opportunities in the country by leveraging the Infrastructures Plan announced by the country’s Government.

• Deployment of the specfic CSR action plan.

Abertis Mobility Services
• Search for new opportunities in free-flow, truck tolling and Road Use Chargning projects with a focus in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

• Promote the leadership of eurotoll as a provider of EETS services for heavy vehicles in Europe.

• Development of new business related to mobility (congestion charging, Maas, etc.).

• Continue to promote innovation in advanced and non-intrusive free-flow technological solutions for application in new projects and their deployment within the business units of the Abertis Group.

• Deployment of the specfic CSR action plan.

• Analysis, adaptation and valuation of the new industry and corporate situation.

• Analysis of new public-private partnerships in the different business units.

• Reinforce the Group’s strategic programs: Road Safety and Road Tech (applicable to all business units of the Group).

• Update the materiality analysis including the new activities and geographical locations.