Road safety

Attention: Don’t look at the trailer!

Text: Alberto García A number of films have had a vehicle as protagonist. From those famous ‘road movies,’ in which the characters depend on a trip that conditions and complicates their lives, to the films that make an automobile more prominent than any human face. Two near-sacred examples: Duel (from 1971, and shown in Spain […]

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Errors of a beginning driver

Text: Jorge García Palomo Every driver has had a first time: that unforgettable day when you start up a car at the driving school and you see the instructor beside you moving his own pedals as if he were a football star. The classes continue, you’re making progress and you finally get your driving license. […]

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Be careful in any country

If you’ve spent some vacations travelling in Europe, for example, and exceeded the speed limit, it’s very probable you received the corresponding sanction.

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“Juanchu, a teenager at odds with the world, is travelling with his parents to his grandparents’ home: for him, the worst plan imaginable. Suddenly, a red car overtakes them and everything changes. Absolutely everything.

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