The car of tomorrow

As well as electric, the car of the future will be heavily reliant on digital technology.

We’ll be taking a look into this digital future and summarising different technologies in the forthcoming issues of this magazine.

You can rest assured that your car will come with remote support—some vehicles already incorporate this technology—which will come in handy if you run into trouble. The system will always know the location of your vehicle and will be connected to the emergency services.

Another technology, augmented reality, will provide drivers and passengers with additional information. Its most spectacular feature will be the way in which this information is displayed: on your car’s windscreen.

Finally, another development that is currently under testing is autonomous driving. Not only will your vehicle drive itself but you will be able to remotely ask it to pick you up anywhere you want. Perhaps you’ve travelled to another city by train for a meeting with a customer? If so, you will be able to ask your car to come and pick you up wherever you are. A little like “Kit, I need you” from Night Rider, only this time in real life.


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